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National level maps and charts can be used to identify areas within a certain country that present opportunities for Eco-DRR.

However, it is important to bear in mind that these national representations are derived from global products. They should be used as an awareness and first screening tool for Nature-based approaches to disaster risk reduction and not for planning purposes, which require higher resolution data sets and more sophisticated models.

Protection is based on cells that already exist: considering a sector exposed to a certain hazard, where the ecosystem coverage is above the median (country-based) the ecosystem needs to be protected. In the case of restoration, the ecosystem is below the median: we know where it needs restoration (in which cells), but actually, we do not know by how much. To have a rough estimate, it was assumed that the cell area to be restored can be equivalent to that of a cell with two tertiles of its area covered by the ecosystem. This assumption only allows us to have an order of magnitude of the area theoretically to be restored.

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